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tiny1    tiny4    tiny8

This board is pretty self explanatory 🙂 Single LED and Single Resistor. The schematic for AtomLED 1x shows multiple LEDs and Resistors because one is 0603 and the other is 1206. They are layered on top of each other which allows you to use any resistor/led sized from 0603 to 1206. The other versions are 0805 LED/Resistors.

These boards are pretty self explanatory. There are 3 versions. 1 LED, 4 LEDs and 8 LEDs.

AtomLED 1x is nicely marked for ground and power. Ground is the White portion. Power is opposite.
The other 2 (4x & 8x) are a little different. They can come common GND or common VCC depending on how you order them. I will usually mark the bottom to signify what the board uses.
Simply plug it to  a rail and give the pin VCC (for COM GND) or GND (for COM VCC) and the LED will light up. No need to supply power as it takes it from the power rail. Just a signal for the actual LED.